Bone Broth Pasta


I’m always scouting for ways to get homemade bone broth into my kids’ bellies. Every time I cook rice, I do so with bone broth instead of water. Now I’ve extended that same concept to gluten free pasta for variety, and it works great! I cook the pasta the same way I do the rice – 2 cups of broth for one cup of pasta, place both into a pot and bring to a boil at medium-high heat on the stove. When boil begins, I stir it, cover it, and reduce heat to low. After 15 minutes or so, the pasta is ready and the broth has been absorbed into it. It is very hot because of that, so it needs more time to cool before serving it. I used this method with a box of Ancient Harvest mac n cheese and my kids wolfed it down (and so did I). I’ve only tried this with short noodles – my favorite gluten free brands are Tinkyada, De Boles, and Ancient Harvest.


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