Gluten Free Art Supplies


My 4 year old daughter has celiac disease. Therefore she follows a strict gluten free diet. Therefore she needs gluten free art supplies at home and at school. Of course I want her to be as creative as she likes, and safe while creating. Here is my take on gluten free art supplies, school supplies, and activity materials. I’ve included brands that I use and that work for my daughter. I purchase most of my supplies from and fortunately so does my daughter’s school. They have allergens clearly listed on many of their items. As a general rule, use “When in doubt, leave it out” when making choices. Also, powder free gloves can be useful in some situations, but I think it is still better to just have gluten free supplies. I’m happy to provide any supplies that need to be gluten free, but many can be provided by the school too. If I’ve missed something, please let me know in the Comments.

-Any items that obviously have wheat, barley, rye, or oats need to be avoided.

-Crayons, Markers, Pencils. Crayola and Colorations will certainly work. I don’t worry about these too much.

-Play dough/modeling clay. Crayola’s HAS wheat, Soy-yer dough does not. Colorations has modeling clay that has no gluten.

-Paints need to be gluten free. Colorations and BioColor are gluten free. I read that Elmer’s paints are not.

-Bird Seed. I look for bird seed that has no mention of gluten containing items. I’ve purchased it at hardware stores. Wash hands after use.

-Feeding animals. My child’s school brought farm animals around, which is awesome. I’d have my child use gloves if feeding animals, or wash her hands immediately after if not using gloves.

-Shaving Cream. I use Barbasol brand shaving cream for art projects. Colorations also has foaming paint, which is like colored shaving cream (and is very fun!).

-Glue. Elmer’s is safe. Colorations has glitter glue that is safe.

-Ink pads. Should be gluten free, but I don’t have a brand right now. I’d check Colorations first though.

-Dry Erase Markers. I don’t know if these are gluten free, but they leave a powdery residue, so I’d avoid them or find a clearly safe brand to use.

-Papier Mache. AMACO Claycrete is safe and can be purchased through Amazon.

-Cooking/Baking projects. King Arthur’s has a flour that is Certified Gluten Free. Betty Crocker has safe gluten free mixes. Gluten Free 123 also has safe gluten free mixes. There are other brands as well, but those are my go-to brands. My daughter should not even be present in the room if there is baking with wheat flour going on. And if baking with wheat flour was done before she is in the room, ideally the counters and tables are wiped down to remove the flour residue! Yep, she’s that sensitive. 😦 Cookies, candies, etc. for projects should contain no gluten ingredients.

-Macaroni/Noodle art. Ancient Harvest, Tinkyada, Glutino all have gluten free noodles.

-Silly putty.  Needs to be gluten free, but I don’t know of a specific brand.

-Sidewalk chalk. Colorations brand is safe.

-Bubbles. Not totally sure if mainstream bubbles have gluten or not – so I play it safe. I purchased a bubble powder from Discount School Supply that I verified to be gluten free. It’s called “Instant Bubble Powder” by Cricket Hill, Inc. I cleaned out mainstream Bubble containers and pour the gluten free solution in them. Also liquid dish soap will work – Dawn or Palmolive.

-Stickers. I just take the risk here and assume that stickers are gluten free.

-Temporary Tattoos are safe for use.

-Sunscreen. Not an art supply, but worth mentioning here. I use California Baby.

Having said all that – now go and have fun playing, creating, and being care-free! Right?! It’s a crazy world we live in, that’s for sure. 🙂


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