The Easiest Applesauce Ever


If this really is “The Easiest Applesauce Ever”, then it must be made in a crock pot. Yup, it is!!!  Get out your crock pot (large size) and 24 red delicious apples.  Peel and core the apples, and chop them into large pieces. When I do this, I slice off the top, then the bottom of all the apples.  Then I peel all the apples. Then I cut each side from the core – which means there’s a little bit of apple thrown away with the core, but it’s so much faster than chopping down the center of the apple.  I chop the sides into a few large pieces and then throw all of them into the crock pot and add 1 1/2 cups of water.  Turn crock pot to high.  Come back 4 to 6 hours later, and you have applesauce.  You could leave it chunky, but I like to puree it in my Vitamix when it cools.  I don’t add anything else because I like the pure form of applesauce.  Straight up Red Deliciousness!



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