Gluten Free Holiday Cookie Exchange


Last year I hosted a Gluten Free Cookie Exchange at the holidays – and it was terrific! I know I took a picture of the cookie spread, but for the life of me I can’t find it. So I will add the photo if I ever come across it.  I think we had 10 bakers and we did batches of 8 cookies.  The presentations were beautiful and the cookie variety was awesome! From memory we had: gf no bake cookies, gf chewy cherry cookies, gf cheese cake brownies, gf toffee cookies, gf homemade mounds bars, gf peanut butter crispy rice treats, gf macaroons, gf almond-flavored wreath cookies, and gf buckeyes! All of the cookies were delicious – their gluten free nature drew no attention to itself.  Some of the bakers typically follow a gluten free lifestyle, and know the ins and outs of baking celiac safe goodies.  Some of the other bakers do not follow a gluten free diet – but they were very willing to learn how to bake in a celiac safe fashion. (Big shout out to my wonderful family for embracing the gluten free thing!)  Therefore I provided the following guidelines on gluten free baking.

  1. Wipe down counters, cutting boards, and any surfaces that you’ll be working on. If you are using a mixer, wipe down the mixer too.
  2. Peanut Butter is gluten free.
  3. Nestle Toll House chocolate chips are gluten free.
  4. Rice Krispies are NOT gluten free – although you can find “gluten free” crispy rice cereal (the box will be clearly labeled as gluten free).
  5. Oats are not usually gluten free, but you can easily find gluten free oats – Trader Joe’s has them and the brand Bob’s Red Mill also makes them.  They are labeled as “gluten free, pure, uncontaminated oats”, etc.
  6. Check to make sure any candy that you use is gluten free. For example, licorice is NOT gluten free.
  7. Fresh packages of sugar, butter, gluten free flour, peanut butter, etc. are ideal in order to avoid cross-contamination.
  8. “When in doubt, leave it out” – If you have any questions, just let the host know!
So, if you are inclined, consider hosting a gluten free cookie exchange so that you and others can enjoy a wide variety of homemade holiday cookies.

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